French polishing is used now a generic term to cover a glossy finish.

Spencer R Samson can apply any period wax, shellac, or oil finish along with modern lacquers and waxes to create the finish you require to bring your loved item of furniture back its former glory.

Professional Results

Whether its bringing it back to life too its best finish or stripping and completely refinishing an item, the results are excellent. With over 30 years’ experience your furniture is in safe hands.

Using traditional polishing methods

  • – We use traditional polishing methods to maintain your furniture’s look
  • – Our professional furniture polishing offers results that last for years
  • – We’re trained in French polishing techniques
  • – Got other items of furniture that need restoring? Let us work on them
  • – We also offer fine furniture repairs
  • – Get in touch to learn more about our polishing services
Please ring with any restoration enquiries on 01539 723 483