Furniture restoration

If you own a quality item of furniture that looks a little tired and in need of a major facelift, Spencer Samson offers a quality service to bring your coveted item back to its former glory.

Furniture making

Whether copying a picture from a book or magazine of a sketch you have made we can manufacture any items in indigenous or imported soft or hardwood to create as lasting piece of bespoke furniture to your design.

Furniture polishing

Spencer R Samson can apply any period wax, shellac, or oil finish along with modern lacquers and waxes to create the finish you require to bring your loved item of furniture back its former glory.


We can hand build any wooden construction furniture to your own design or design and make to your requirements.


  • – We make bespoke items.
  • – We have more than 30 years’ experience
  • – Our services extend to brass, cutting and fitting, and marquetry
  • – Using our professional polishing service, you can make your furniture shine again
  • – Call to learn more about our services